Green Aventurine Half Polished Point

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Green Aventurine is a stone of Abundance and is known as the wealth stone. It is used for attracting Abundance in all areas of life; love, career, money, good fortune and overall happiness. The Heart Chakra : Love & Compassion – Green Aventurine works with the Heart Chakra to balance emotions and maintain spiritual attunement.

Give your Aventurine Point the job of sending your lucky energy out into the universe. Put yourself out there confidently and you will find yourself surrounded by prosperity and abundance.

  • Each piece is Genuine and Authentic.
  • Each crystal is carefully selected for its stunning green color and unique natural formations, allowing you to connect with the serene energy of this crystal.
  • As a natural gemstone, variations in color, shape, and pattern are expected, making each point truly unique.
  • We carefully inspect and package each point to ensure its safe delivery to you.
  • We Use Eco-Friendly Packaging Materials


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