Rose Quartz

3.00 $

Healing Power:
Rose Quartz heals emotions and transforms relationships with yourself and others, drawing in love and harmony. Hold this crystal of  to bring loving vibes into your heart.

Transformational Power:
Rose Quartz stabilizes emotions.
It lets you look objectively at situations and keeps you from becoming emotionally overwhelmed. By dissolving guilt and bitterness, this crystal teaches you to love and accept yourself, forgive the past, and live from your heart. If you are unable to recognize where emotion is locked into your body, hold Rose Quartz, inhale deeply, and then exhale.
They remind you that you can always empower yourself through positive choices and expressing unconditional love from a compassionate heart.

  • Each weight: 5.6g
  • All items are cleansed before being shipped. However, it is recommended to clean and charge/attune your stone before use
  • Each sold individually.
Weight 0.35 kg

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