Selenite Charging Bowl

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Our beautiful Selenite Bowls are the perfect addition to the collection for any crystal lover.

As a stone of light and positive energy, the Selenite crystal properties raise the vibration of everything around it. Selenite has the ability to both clear and charge the energy of other crystals, as well as your intentions and environment. In the shape of a bowl, you are able to harness the full potential of the Selenite healing properties to cleanse and energize your other stones, while simultaneously keeping your crystals organized. It connects, activates and enhances spirituality by opening the crown chakra. Through radiating light energy it promotes honesty, purity and clarity, encouraging honesty and truth externally as well as with self.

  • Size | 10  cm Diameter.
  • Place your Selenite Bowl in your bedroom, living space, or any other area of your home. Place your smaller crystals inside of the Selenite bowl to clear and charge their energy and the energy of your intentions.
  • Please note these are carved from natural selenite crystal and may have slight variations and imperfections.
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