Singing Bowl

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For centuries, singing bowls have been used for sound therapy, healing and in meditation.

How to use | To use sound cleansing in your Home, take your singing bowl around your space, and strike the bowl with your mallet to release the vibrations.  The main thing, when you’re using sound for cleansing, is to retain the focus of cleansing throughout the process and allow the sound waves to shift any stagnation. Make sure to cleanse those often overlooked areas where energy tends to collect, like in corners, window sills, and doorways.

Singing bowls have a similarly cleansing effect on your Personal energy. They are used in sound healing to deepen meditation. Sit in a meditation pose on the ground, close your eyes, and use the mallet to strike the bowl. Embrace the sound within your spirit, and feel yourself accessing next-level peace and inner balance.

Note | F, Heart Chakra.

Tibetan Set Included | Hand Hammered Singing Bowl, Silk Cushion and a Mallet.

Dimensions | 8 cm * 4.5 cm


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