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It is the go-to stone for EMF (Electromagnetic Field) protection, purification and detoxification of the mind, body and spirit. Working with it grounds your root chakra to create a more stable and balanced foundation. If you’re drawn toward Shungite, that’s a sign you need to clear up your energy field. There is likely a layer of electronic smog on your aura. Working with Shungite stones will clear up the digital pollution from electro-magnetic frequencies and purify your mind, body and spirit. There may be other toxic energy besides EMFs that you need to get out of your system, in which case shungite will flush your body, mind and spirit of that.

  •  Wearing a Shungite pendant or Shungite crystal necklace detoxifies, purifies and heals the physical and energy systems throughout your body.
  • How to use it | Place your necklace around your neck to receive its energy. Say your intention out loud three times. Throughout the day, every time you feel your crystal on your neck bring your intention to mind. Before you go to sleep, take your necklace off and place it on top of a Selenite crystal to cleanse.
  • Please note: Due to the Carbon nature of Shungite, there may be a slight black residue that comes off the stone when you touch it–it easily washes off your skin with water. Also, Shungite dissolves in water, so try your best not to get it wet.
  • All the Shungite stones will vary slightly in size, shape, color and pattern.
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